Each garment is sewn after order in our studio in Berlin. So we save resources and produce less garbage. Professional tailoring trade and high quality help you to wear our fashion for a lifetime. Environmentally friendly and fair working conditions are important values ​​for us. We work closely with our production team and are 1 to 2 times a week in the studio to design the best products for you.

Fashion made in Germany

"I would like to promote tailoring and the textile industry in Germany with local textile production".

Thien Huynh (founder, l'amour est bleu)

l'amour est bleu Schnitterstellung

In-house design

Every design, every cut and every pattern is created in our studio in Germany. This is the only way we can guarantee a uniform design signature and a precise fit of our garments.

Made to order

Our clothing is made-to-order, i.e. the clothing is only sewn for you after you have ordered it. In this way we save resources and produce less waste.

For the production of our garments we work together with the tailoring & textile production Pham in Berlin. This is where the Yen team makes our garments. All employees work under safe working conditions and receive fair wages. We maintain a close working relationship with Yen and her team and are on site at least once a week to discuss ongoing orders or work together on new samples.

quality is everything

Yen learned her tailoring trade in Vietnam and can look back on a total of 22 years of professional experience. In her tailoring and textile production, she and her team produce everything you can imagine - from collections for Berlin fashion brands to elaborate backpacks. Quality is everything to Yen, so she refines our fits and garments until everything meets her quality standards.