Made in Germany

Textile production in Germany

A textile factory in Germany

Looking for a local textile production? We produce everything from samples/prototypes, small series to productions in larger quantities - professionally, fairly and socially in Berlin.

l'amour est bleu Gründerin Thien Huynh

Thien Huynh – Fashion Expert, Strategist & Consultant

With more than 14 years of professional experience in a wide variety of areas of the fashion industry, I have the know-how, experience and network to support you in realizing your ideas.

"My vision is to positively change the fashion industry and I support every company to be a part of this mission."

(Thien Huynh - founder of l'amour est bleu)

Our partner


Family company with 22 years of experience in the production of textiles

l'amour est bleu Textilproduktion in Deutschland

Textile production - fair & local in Berlin

Yen learned her tailoring trade in Vietnam and can look back on a total of 22 years of professional experience. In her tailoring and textile production, she and her team produce everything you can imagine - from collections for Berlin fashion brands to elaborate backpacks. Safe working conditions, fair wages and a family community are important parts of the company. Here your samples, small series and productions from 1 to 1,000 pieces are manufactured at a high level of quality and on schedule.

Our services


- women's, men's and children's fashion (all product groups)

- underwear and swimwear

- accessories & bags

- workwear (medicine, gastronomy, etc.)

- Uniforms, costumes (ballet, theatre, musical, etc.)

- Custom-made products

- Made-to-measure products

l'amour est bleu Musterung

Sampling & Production

- Procurement of fabrics and accessories

- Development of samples / prototypes

- Elaboration of production samples

- Production of one-offs, made to order, small series and large orders

l'amour est bleu Schnitterstellung


- pattern creation manually or digitally

- grading

- pattern preparation for production

l'amour est bleu Worksheets


- Creation of technical drawings

- Preparation of worksheets for production

l'amour est bleu Atelier Beratung


- Unternehmenskonzept & Branding

- Nachhaltigkeitsberatung

- Lieferkettenaufbau

- Farben- und Stoffe / Trend-Research

- Kollektionskonzept/-strategie & Design

- Online-Shop

- Marketing & Vertrieb

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