L'Amour Est Bleu was founded with the vision to change the fashion world.
In a fast fashion world, we design sustainable fashion in which women fall in love and carrying them for a lifetime. From the basic to the unusual dress, all designs are designed for the needs of modern women. For our clothing we use only certified organic substances and each part is manufactured to order in our studio in Berlin. We would like to show in a society of distressing consumption that our challenging and high-quality designed fashion is happy and satisfied and at the same time protect our earth.

Sustainability from the fiber to the dress

"With l'amour est bleu, I want to design fashion that women fall in love with. For me it was the most natural thing in the world to found a sustainable fashion label. Because it's easier to fall in love with a dress that you're sure has been produced sustainably and fairly, doesn't it?"

(Thien Huynh, founder of l'amour est blue)

Sustainable, transparent and fair

We value transparency in everything we do. Every step in the production of our clothing can be traced to ensure that we produce really environmentally friendly and fairly.

For us, sustainability also means fair prices. With us you get high-quality fashion at fair prices. We do without intermediaries so that our prices remain affordable despite the quality fabrics and professional tailoring.

Timeless design

The reinterpretation of fashionable classics with contemporary cuts, colors and details gives you the opportunity to consume fashion sustainably without having to make fashion compromises. Each piece is versatile and easy to mix and match with your existing wardrobe.

Sustainable fabrics

We invest in quality organics that are good for your skin, the environment and people. With GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified fabrics, we use the highest standards for environmentally friendly and socially fair manufacturing from the fiber to the finished fabric. Our natural substances are all vegan and free from harmful substances that are not tolerated by the skin.

Made in Germany

Our fashion is made fairly and socially in our Berlin studio. Each garment is made to order especially for you. In this way we save resources and produce less waste.

l'amour est bleu Maßanfertigung

made to measure

You deserve to wear clothes that fit 100% and that you feel comfortable in. That's why you can have any of our pieces made to your measurements.