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Fashion made in Germany

“With a local textile production “Made in Germany”, I would like to support the tailoring and textile industry in Germany”.

Thien Huynh (Founder, l’amour est bleu)

Made to order

The majority of our collection is “made to order”, which means that the garments are sewn especially for you after you have ordered them. This way we save resources and produce less waste.

The Made-to-order collection is made in Berlin by our three seamstresses.

l'amour est bleu Karen Parson


At Atelier Parson, every garment is personally sewn by Karen. She is a fashion designer and also sews the collections for well-known Berlin fashion designers. Karen’s experience in cutting techniques and manufacturing is crucial to the longevity of our garments. Every piece that leaves Karen’s studio is crafted to the highest quality – so you can wear it for a lifetime.


Annika is a fashion designer and sews the collections for Berlin designers as a freelance tailor. With Annika I share my passion for sustainability and we could philosophise for hours about how to make the world more sustainable. With her fine sense of aesthetics and quality, she gives each piece of l’amour est bleu its high-quality look.

l'amour est bleu Annika Oestreich
l'amour est bleu Yen


Our dressmaker, who supposedly doesn’t have a presentable photo yet! Yen learned her tailoring in Vietnam and has a total of 22 years of professional experience. In her tailor shop, she and her team make everything you can imagine – from collections for Berlin fashion brands to elaborate backpacks. For Yen, quality is everything, so she tweaks our fits and garments until everything meets her quality standards.

We have pre-produced our first collections. The search for a factory in Germany proved to be extremely difficult. Almost all German fashion brands have their clothing produced abroad for price reasons – with the result that one clothing factory after another has had to close down in Germany. We discovered Studio U&N by chance and were convinced of the professionalism of the company on site.

l'amour est bleu made in Germany

A textile factory in the Ore Mountains

The Studio U&N is located in the Ore Mountains, the historical origin of the German textile industry. Here, 27 permanently employed tailors produce garments for companies from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The factory has 29 years of experience in the production of clothing, which is reflected in the professionalism and high quality of workmanship.

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