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From the toy store to the fashion label

Do you still know what you wanted to become a child?

While my girlfriends wanted to become veterinarians or teachers, I had two completely different dream professions: toy owner and mayor of Hamburg. The first profession was more self-efficient way - I had the ingenious idea to exclude all the toys extensively before the sale to sell only the best toys! What rode me with the mayor, I do not know that until today.

Destiny has planned for me another profession - today I'm managing director of my own fashion label l'amour est bleu. In retrospect, my first professional ambitions are not so far away from my present appeal ...

l'amour est bleu blog: from the toy store to fashion label

Tell with clothes stories

My former fellow dream professions I hung on the nail after I discovered my passion for drawing. My father is a gifted draftsman and could bring all my wishes to paper with a lightness. I was fascinated by his gift and wished to be able to draw so well. I spent hours with the drawing of people to whom I painted stories in his head. At some point you come to an age, in the adult of you expect concrete professional wishes. For me it was clear: I will be fashion designer! People dressing is to tell for me like stories. When I design a dress, a story about the person is created in my head at the same time. What kind of person is she and what is she experiencing with this garment? Sometimes people also inspire many designs or my desire for a certain occasion to wear a special dress gives me new ideas. Human, dress and history are right together for me.

What kind of fashion do I want to design?

My idea of ​​a fashion label did not have to do with sustainability at the beginning.

Last year, my family and I broke our tents in beautiful Hamburg and searched a new home in Berlin. This felt for me after the right time to tackle my long-cherished dream. Finally, I had the rest and time to worry about what kind of fashion I want to design. Which values ​​should it reflect? What a company does I want to start? When I reviewed my last 10 years in the fashion industry, I realized that I wanted to do a lot differently. I could no longer raise the passion for fashion, which I felt then. For this, the bad events in the production countries and all the truths, which came to light, contributed. In contrast, the fashion world became more and more developed into a superficial circus, in which people do not use fashion as an expression of their personality, but only steering thoughtlessly. I was missing the passion that I felt at the time when studying and making a dress or I still feel today when I hold a sophisticated designed dress in his hand. I have often wondered if I wanted to be part of this fashion world.

"Fashion with a good conscience and love"

Despite the many doubts, I simply could not imagine a different job. But my passion for fashion is just too big! So I decided to create fashion with which I could identify myself again. Fashion should again receive its high priority and not only "the second largest environmental harmful industry in the world". Fashion should be something special for the people again. I was aware that sustainability had to become an indispensable value for my fashion label. How should one fall in love with a dress if you can not be sure if it does not hang the suffering of other people and the environment? I want to wear a dress with a good conscience and love and give other people this opportunity.

What does Sustainability mean L'Amour Est Bleu?

In my research on sustainability in the fashion industry, I came across many different definitions and implementations. I realized that I had to put his own sustainability goals for my fashion. It is important to me that the fashion of L'Amour Est Bleu is made from the fiber to the finished garment under fair working conditions and environmentally friendly. For fashion, I use certified sustainable substances and it is produced locally in Germany. We support one of the last cutters from the Ore Mountains, where the historical origin of the German textile industry is located.

However, a fashion company consists of much more than the pure production of clothing. I would be able to assert that the entire company L'Amour Est Bleu is sustainable. This development will be possible until and after. Just like in my private life too. My wardrobe is in no way 100% sustainable and just as little can I assert me that my lifestyle could win a prize for sustainability. But my family and I'm working on, as well as my company too.

l'amour est bleu blog: from the toy store to fashion label

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