We’re celebrating 10 years of FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK

In memory of the victims of Rana Plaza, we call you to become part of the Fashion Revolution! Join us this week to set an example for a fair fashion industry. Let’s make fashion great again!

We‘re hosting several events and workshops during Fashion Revolution week. Repair your clothes, learn how to upcycle fabric scraps to bags or learn how to create and sew your t-shirt. We love to share our passion for fashion with you. Find all details here:

Why do we need a Fashion Revolution? Having worked for over 15 years in fashion, I witnessed the exploitation of workers and harming of nature by myself. After Rana Plaza I found myself at the tipping point that I didn‘t want to be part of this dirty business anymore. That‘s when I founded l‘amour est bleu: To make the fashion industry a better place. It was and is still quite hard. But it fuels me to get out of bed every morning and by now I‘m fighting for nearly 8 years now. And I‘m not tired yet!

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