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l’amour est bleu

Modern, sustainable, fashion

Made in Germany

l'amour est bleu fair fashion made in Germany

Fair fashion to fall in love with

Timelessl favourite pieces that you will wear for a lifetime. Our reinterpreted fashion classics are made from the finest organic fabrics and produced fairly in Germany.

Our Promises

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With l’amour est bleu you are well dressed for every occasion. Simple, fast and without compromising on fashion.

The mix of fashion classics with modern colours, fits and details makes our design special. A lot of creativity and professional tailoring goes into every garment, to make you love and wear our fashion for a lifetime.

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A fashionable lifestyle does not have to be at the expense of the environment and people.

About me

“I want to create fashion that you will enjoy wearing from season to season. Because I believe that we don’t have to keep buying new clothes to look good and be happy.

Imagine you open your wardrobe and every piece in it is a favourite piece of yours…wouldn’t that be wonderful? How much time and stress you would save every morning! Every piece you put on fits perfectly and feels good. You can start the day without worrying about your outfit and feel comfortable in your clothes all day long without compromise. You can say with a clear conscience that your clothes are sustainably and fairly produced and you feel even more comfortable in them. This is exactly what I want to create for you with l’amour est bleu”. 

Thien Huynh – Founder of l’amour est bleu

Take a look behind the sense and find out more about l’amour est bleu

On our blog you will get an exclusive look behind the scenes of l’amour est bleu. Here I share personal stories from my life with you, give you styling tips and show you the everyday life of a sustainable fashion label.


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