EKYOG Showroom

EKYOG – French Eco fashion 

EKYOG was founded in 2003 with the vision to create a fashion brand that respects nature and mankind. For over a decade, EKYOG has been creating fashionable and sustainable fashion that allows women to express their personality. LOOK GOOD – EKYOG shares with you its preference for sophisticated fashion. Fashion with personality, which is above all creative, special and feminine. Fashion that does you good and makes you look good. FEEL GOOD – EKYOG places great emphasis on comfort and quality. You choose the best natural, organic or recycled fabrics. DOING GOOD – EKYOG is committed to sustainability and fair trade. They do not use substances that could harm you or our planet. They work with partners who share their values and commitment to fair working conditions and environmental protection.

Out of respect for nature and people

EKYOG selects the best natural, organic or recycled fibers, paying particular attention to fibers with low CO2 emissions. The organic cotton is GOTS certified and all other materials are OEKO-TEX certified and therefore free of skin-damaging toxins. With its Code of Conduct, EKYOG goes beyond the legally applicable guidelines for fair working conditions to ensure respect for people in every area. Its suppliers undertake to comply with the working conditions laid down in the Code of Conduct. All textile producers of EKYOG are GOTS or ISO 9000 certified. In addition, great importance is attached to ensuring that people are not exposed to toxic and harmful substances during the clothing manufacturing process. For EKYOG, a transparent supply chain is a prerequisite for sustainable action. They guarantee traceability of garment production from fabric delivery to dyeing and packaging.


ORGANIC COTTON (GOTS) EKYOG uses only GOTS certified organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides, genetic engineering or other harmful substances such as chemical fertilizers. LYOCELL Lyocell is obtained from the wood of eucalyptus. Only wood from responsible forestry is used for this. Lyocell is a purely natural fiber that is biodegradable. Its properties are similar to those of viscose – it is breathable and has a nice flowing fall. RECYCLED POLYESTER The recycled polyester comes from the recycling of plastic bottles. The implemented recycling process makes it possible to significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The dye is designed to have the least possible impact on the environment. ORGANIC SILK Organic silk is obtained in China according to strict guidelines from the breeding of silkworms. Silk is a natural, light fabric with refined elegance. It is a very comfortable insulating material that can be worn in summer and winter. In summer it cools the skin, while in winter it keeps the warmth. MOHAIR WOOL EKYOG uses only mulesin-free mohair wool from animal-friendly farms in New Zealand. Mohair is a noble, renewable and biodegradable raw material. Mohair wool consists of very fine fibers that do not cause a scratchy feeling on the skin. ALPACA WOOL Alpaca is a high-quality 100% natural wool with a fine, light and silky fiber that is not irritating to the skin and does not contain lanolin, an allergenic substance found in classic wool. It is a fiber with high thermal insulation. The alpaca wool from EKYOG is produced in Peru from animal-friendly husbandry and under fair working conditions.