1% of your purchase we donate to
terre des hommes.


We will donate a part of your purchase to terre des hommes to support them in their fight against child labor in the textile industry.

l'amour est bleu terre des hommes


terre des hommes is doing

Liberation of girls from forced labor

terre des hommes has so far freed more than 40,000 girls from the Sumangali system, provided advice and accompanied them on their way to a secure future.

Protection & psychological support

Girls who have been able to flee factories find protection and psychological support in our aid projects.

Support for disadvantaged families

terre des hommes supports families that are considered “untouchables” and are very poor, so that they too can send their children to school.

Educational work

Our local partners educate villages and towns about the Sumangali system, inform workers about their rights and help them to claim compensation in court for their time as slaves.