“With a mix of traditions and trends, I give fashion classics a personal touch. Each piece is special and tells its own story. With fashion, I express my personality and tell my story. I want to wear clothes that I look good in and at the same time feel comfortable because the clothes are adapted to the needs of my everyday life. For me, clothes have to be comfortable, durable and subtly sexy – and at the same time underline my personality. This is my basic recipe for my modern and sustainable designs. “- Thien Huynh
l'amour est bleu Passform

Perfect Fit

“An optimized fit plays an important role in sustainable design. You can only feel comfortable and wear it for a lifetime in a well-fitting garment.” [/ col_inner] [/ row_inner]

Well-thought-out design

“The composition of design, fit and material requires creativity and a lot of headaches. Before production, every design is checked: Does it fit well on the body? Does the fabric fall correctly? Is it suitable for everyday use?
l'amour est bleu Design

Capsule collections

“Responsible implementation is part of a sustainable design. For l’amour est bleu I only create small capsule collections of three to four models, each of which is limited to 50 pieces.”