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In a globalised world, borders and cultures are blurring. The strange no longer seems strange, the familiar all the more. In this space of limitless freedom, we look for our home. Whether it be a place or a feeling, it is a finding of oneself.


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l'amour est bleu T-Shirt Le Blanc
The theme of home inspired me to create the second collection by l’amour est bleu. As the daughter of Vietnamese parents, the search for my home has occupied me all my life. My cultural roots are and will always remain part of my identity, but at the same time they are also the reason why I never felt at home in my place of birth, Hamburg. My first trip to the home of my parents gave me such a strong sense of belonging that I thought I had finally found my home. But I was wrong. I didn’t find my home in Vietnam either. Over the years I have come to realise that, for me, home does not hang in one place. My emotional home is my culture and the values ​​that my family gave me. My local home is Germany, this is my anchor and this is where I feel at home.


l'amour est bleu organic cotton T-shirt Le Blanc


Our basic t-shirt in a modern, slightly tailored cut is your ideal combination partner for different looks. Wear the t-shirt minimalist with jeans, as a sporty break with a blazer or in a layered look under a tank top – whichever suits you best. The opaque quality of the soft organic cotton jersey and the optimal fit give the T-shirt a particularly high-quality look. „Basics should never be part ofl’amour est bleu Become bleu”, was a statement that I still remember well to this day. But the desire for a simple, high-quality white T-shirt was so often expressed by my friends that I gave in to it. And I took a liking to this item of clothing: When designing this style, I realised that no other item of clothing reflects your personality as clearly as a white T-shirt. This garment is so neutral that you can style it your own way“.
l'amour est bleu T-Shirt Le Blanc aus Bio-Baumwolle
l'amour est bleu organic cotton long sweater Rose


The fashionable sweat dress Rose stands out with its dotted contrasting hem. The sweat, which is roughened on the inside, is particularly cozy and warms on cool days. Style the dress in a layered look with a blouse or a light shirt. For a minimalist look, wear it with rolled-up sleeves with simple leggings – you can wear this dress in a variety of ways to suit your style. “Each of us has our own feel-good style – a piece of clothing that is so wonderfully comfortable and cozy that you can spend the whole day in it. For me, sustainable design also means functional design. I wanted to design a piece of clothing that is comfortable to relax on the sofa and at the same time is so sophisticated that you can spontaneously meet your girls. Here is that Sweat dressRose emerged: a cuddly, comfortable feel-good style that still looks dressed with the dotted voile hem ”.
l'amour est bleu organic cotton long sweater Rose
l'amour est bleu T-Shirt Love Always aus Bio-Baumwolle


The Love Always t-shirt is a special statement shirt with its filigree embroidery in dark blue. The slight waist and the stretch guarantee a perfect fit. The soft, opaque organic cotton jersey is comfortable to wear on the skin and has a particularly high-quality look. Thanks to the fleece on the back, the embroidery retains its shape even after washing. “With statement shirts, many people consciously or unconsciously take a stand. Current events around the world made me want a T-shirt with the message “love always“ to design. „Love always“For me it means love, compassion and tolerance and at the same time believing in the good … something that has become more important than ever today”.
l'amour est bleu T-Shirt Love Always aus Bio-Baumwolle

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